My Lil Fashionista

Hi guys!!!

My site is finally secured, so in the next couple of weeks, I will be working on sewing some stuff and then selling them on here 🙂 Can’t wait!!!! Yesterday was a lazy Monday but some craftiness did happen after Lexi took a four hour nap. Lexi woke up, went into my sewing room, found this cute pink shirt that I was hoarding and asked me— “Mommy can you help me put a design on this shirt”? Keep in mind, Lexi has such a cute voice— how can I refuse??? Lol

So, I asked Lexi what she had in mind and she responded— “I would like a heart with the word love on it and I would like to use your blue glitter”— Lol, if you know my daughter, you would know that not only is an old soul but she knows exactly want she wants.

The shirt came from Walmart in Palo Alto— I admit, I was hoarding but I guess Lexi beat me to it!!! Lol.

The graphic came from an Etsy Shop. Here is the link:

SVG Heart logo

Once I purchased the file, I uploaded it to Design Space and let my Cricut do it’s magic. Below is the final product after I ironed on the glitter HTV.


Lexi designed her own shirt. She wanted a heart with the word love and then use baby blue glitter htv.


I really love how it turned out!! I think that I definitely have a Lil Fashionista in training.

Thanks for reading and I hope it inspired your creativity today.

Anastasia Out!!!


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