A Cute Gift Idea for Mother’s Day

Hi Guys,

Here are pics of some items that I customized for Lexi’s Grandmothers. I think they make excellent presents and when you add the custom touch, I think it makes them even more special. This idea originally came from my Bestie Dori, so this is totally not my original idea but worth borrowing and sharing— Lol!!!

Here is my first attempt. The bags are found at Michael’s The font package was bought from Etsy, a shop called SVGOriginalsLLC.

Here is their link:

Custom Beach Bag

My second attempt was a little bit easier. I found the graphic doing a google search and it directed me to a shop called The word Yaya means Grandmother in Greek.

Here is their link:

So if you are new to crafting, You take the bag and then apply the HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) graphic and iron it on. I used my traditional iron and a silicone sheet protector over the graphic— this conducts the heat much better and melts the vinyl into the fabric. Once it’s cooled, I peeled off the clear sticker and then you have your final product 🙂

I have a couple more bags left in my stash. If you are interested in one, email me for details:

My website is up and secure, so stay tune, I will be setting up shop in shortly.

Thanks for reading!

-anastasia, out!